Jiffy Goes for PLA Netting Solutions

Reducing the use of plastic in packaging and production purposes is an important global issue. Plastic does not belong in nature and it should not be in the process of cultivation, according to a press release. That is why Jiffy aims for lowering the use of plastics for their growing media.

Just recently Jiffy decided to switch from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Growblocks and Jiffy Pellets.

The PLA net is a lightweight fine-fibre web, comprised of polylactic acid (PLA).

This material is designed for horticultural processes.

The PLA net is made from material based of corn starch.

This is a renewable and sustainable source of raw ingredients, according to the release.

The PLA net is biodegradable and compostable under controlled conditions. It is certified to the European Norm of EN13432.

Benefits for Jiffy’s customers

  • From renewable source to compostable waste

Your crop will start its growth in a natural grow media, made from a renewable source. After harvesting your Jiffy Growblocks and waste plant material are compostable under controlled conditions.

  • No glue or polyester components

The netting of Jiffy’s Growblocks and Pellets contains no polyester and no glue components.

By choosing these products for your greenhouse breeding and cultivation process you will be able to grow bio-based.

  • Time-saving in waste management

Jiffy Growblocks and Pellets with PLA netting, that are mainly used in greenhouses, will save customers time and money.

As the Growblock and the surrounding net are completely compostable in an industrial composting process, there is no need for dividing the Growblock from the plant.

Benefits for our planet

By this decision, approximately 100.000 KG of single use PE and PP plastics per year will no longer be in the production process of Jiffy.

This sustainable step forward makes the company very proud, according to the release.

Jiffy cares for its environment and is ambitious to help its customers to grow their products in a sustainable or renewable way.

Timing and roll-out

After a testing period of 4-5 years to find the best material for the crops, the roots, Jiffy’s production facilities and the environment, Jiffy started the process of replacing the ‘old netting foil’ mid 2019.

On Jan. 1, 2020, 90% of all our Jiffy Growblocks and approximately 25% of our Jiffy Pellets are already produced and delivered with the new PLA netting.

The company strives to be on a 100% PLA netting production on Dec. 31, 2021.



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Jiffy offers sustainable netting solution for Growblocks and Pellets

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