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New Biobased Pigments for Bioplastics

Treffert has formulated new bio-based dyes for the production of greener plastics.

Several samples have been produced with the “Matériautech” service to identify the possibilities of these new pigments.

The pigments come exclusively from plants (chlorophyll green, indigo blue, madder red …) which has already been used in the textile world.

These renewable pigments can be used with bio-based plastics, without taking food resources from living beings.

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Treffert, in partnership with the Matériautech department of Allizé-Plasturgie, offers pigment solutions in line with contemporary biomaterials (PLA, PA6.10, TREVA, RPET, M-VERA, PHA, PA11 …), some of which include a increasing share of recycled plastics.

The performance does not lie in the extraction of these plant pigments, but in the need to harmonize the production of these pigments to meet an objective: to provide a suitable solutions for food contact in thermoplastics.

Providing consistency of the pigment color and their availability are crucial issues for Treffert.

These necessarily long and costly procedures are of interest today for injectors and their customers who seek to incorporate more virtuous components into new thermoplastics which must find their place in the circular economy.

These pigments and materials find applications in cosmetics and packaging, including food, and also generate awareness on alternative projects that create value and are part of eco-design approaches.

In addition, they are compatible with EN 13432 compostability standard.

Treffert will exhibit its new organic dyes at the PCD Show in Paris Porte de Versailles on January 29 & 30, 2020 Pavilion 7 Stand E69.


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Treffert lance de nouveaux colorants biosourcés

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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