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PLA Straws Take 100s of Years to Naturally Biodegrade

Charleston’s citywide single-use plastic regulations are now in effect, and a local company is selling a new straw to help replace the plastic versions you are used to.

The Holy City Straw Company recently released an all-natural, gluten-free, and eco-friendly wheat straw.

The company says that unlike paper and noodle straws, their wheat straws hold up in both hot and cold drinks and provide a “biodegradable and eco-conscious solution to the straw industry that’s polluted our environment for long enough.”

“When you opt for our eco-friendly straws, you’re reducing the number of harmful plastics that end up in fragile ecosystems worldwide,” Tom Crowley, co-founder of the Holy City Straw Company, said. “Swap out your plastic straws or less-desirable paper straws with a simple alternative. It’s a small change with big results.”

Christopher Johnson, general manager of Rutledge Cab Company, has been using the wheat straws in his restaurant for two months.

“The wheat straws are an environmentally sound and cost-effective alternative and improvement upon the typical plastic or paper straw choice, and they actually hold up in a drink,” Johnson said.

According to the Holy City Straw company, their straws are sourced from FDA-certified farms, do not require an industrial composting facility, and reduce the carbon footprint of plant-based compostables (PLA) that require those facilities.

Wheat straws also biodegrade naturally in two months, while plastics and bioplastics can take hundreds of years.

The Holy City Straw Company was founded in 2019. Their straws can be purchased online and our also distributed wholesale.



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Charleston company selling wheat straws amid city’s single-use plastic ban




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