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Bioplastics Sold as Being Not Plastics

A company that brands PLA as being "plastics-free".

Here’s what I found on LinkedIn.

Sans plastique … without plastic

bioplastics is not plasticsHere’s what I found on their website

Biodegradable Containers
Biodegradable Containers

When you click on this image, you get ….

PLA containers … I thought PLA was compostable but not biodegradable ?

pla is biodegradable
pla is biodegradable ??


Looking further on their website:

“Tous les produits proposés par Compos’Table sont biodégradables et compostables et sont donc certifiés selon la norme européenne EN-13432 et OK Compost par VINCOTTE”


All the products offered by Compos’Table are biodegradable and compostable and are therefore certified according to European standard EN-13432 and OK Compost by VINCOTTE

Again …. biodegradable and compostable is not the same.

Not the first time Bioplastics branded as Plastic-free


Can we brand bioplastics as being Plastic-free; not made from plastics or without plastics?

Can we brand a bioplastics product that is (commercially / home) compostable as being biodegradable?

What do you think?

Are there any rules that says we cannot?

What about the company that gave the “compostable certificate” … in this case the Belgian company Vincotte (Now called TUV Austria). Are they responsible to rectify such practice or not?

What do you think?




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