German Biopolymer Innovation Award

The Award ceremony will take place at the "BIOPOLYMER - Processing & Molding" Congress in Halle (Saale) 2020.


The BIOPOLYMER Innovation Award aims to recognize groundbreaking products and applications made from biodegradable plastics as well as new technological developments for the production, processing, composting or recycling of products made from biodegradable plastics and to make them accessible to a wider public.


Companies, research associations, project groups or individuals from all over the world and all industries who have developed novel products or applications from biodegradable plastics or innovative technologies for the production, processing, composting or recycling of biodegradable polymers can apply for the prize .

An intrinsic biodegradability of the plastics is required.

This means that at the end of their life the polymers are completely metabolized by microorganisms or enzymes into biomass and can thus become part of the natural cycles.

The innovations should pass the basic research stage have realistic chances of entering the market or have already been successfully placed on the market.

The Award Ceremony

Takes place in a festive setting at the international congress “BIOPOLYMER – Processing & Molding” on 16./17. June 2020 in Halle (Saale).

Here, the three winners also have the opportunity to present their innovations to an international specialist audience with a lecture and in the accompanying exhibition.

The now third “BIOPOLYMER” congress takes place with the “Central German Plastics Day” (MKT) under one roof, which is entitled “Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency”.



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Biopolymer Innovation Award



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