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l’Oreal Launches Plastic-Less Packaging Competition

Are you ready to say ‘hello!’ to a beauty industry with less plastic? We are! By the end of 2020, 100% of L’Oréal’s new or renovated products will have an improved environmental or social profile.

Reducing the environmental footprint of our formulas, protecting biodiversity through a sustainable and responsible sourcing policy for raw materials and optimizing packaging are all levers used by L’Oréal to support sustainable innovation.

This year’s edition of L’Oréal Brandstorm is all about joining forces to accelerate sustainable innovation.

This year, students from all around the world are invited to take on the challenge of creating the next L’Oréal’s next innovation — one with less plastic or no plastic at all!

They will be asked to find business solutions for their innovation, and to change consumer behaviours by helping people understand the importance of plastic consumption and plastic waste.

The competition targets both the packaging and the business around these innovations.

Sounds good… but who can participate?

Brandstorm 2020 is open to all students from all backgrounds — you heard it right!

From design, science and engineering to business and microbiology, and from all around the world…this competition is open to all!

The Competition

Throughout the Brandstorm adventure, students will get to meet and exchange with L’Oréal employees from many backgrounds, functions and expertise.

The students will create teams of 3 to come up with the most innovative idea, sharpen it throughout the selection process and learn more about the reality of the industry from L’Oréal experts (HR managers, Marketing experts, R&I scientists or Consumer Product Division leaders).

Finalists will be selected for every country or Hub that participates and these finalists will fly to Paris to get a two-day immersive experience at the L’Oréal’s headquarters.

During this time, they are coached by L’Oréal experts and pitching experts before they get to present the innovation to top L’Oréal executives during the final ceremony.

Participants are accompanied at every stage of the competition by L’Oréal, through coaches and access to an e-learning platform.

On this platform, students have exclusive insights on L’Oréal, studies about the beauty tech industry and upskilling courses on pitching, marketing, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The content provided helps them in the research and development phase of their idea, but also offers invaluable knowledge about the industry.

The Official Partner

Producing 5+ billion products per year and composed of L’Oréal’s brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline, NYX, Nieli, Dark and Lovely, Essie, Stylenanda and MG, the L’Oréal Consumer Product Division (CPD) is the official partner of this year’s edition.

The division’s teams have been working on different strategies to shape the future of cosmetic packaging, like designing packaging of an optimal size and weight with fewer resources (including large sizes and refillables formats) or replacing conventional materials with alternatives from recycled or renewable sources (recycled or bio-sourced materials).

The Big Award

The winning team will get the opportunity to further develop their project by spending three months of incubation at Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world.

The Brandstorm winners will get the chance to work with L’Oréal coaches who will guide them in making their idea into a viable and profitable intrapreneurship project.

This immersion period will provide the students with all the guidance and support from experts they will need to develop their project and potentially see it come to life.

Additionally, the three winners will attend the One Young World Summit in Munich, the global forum for young leaders to drive change and take action to tackle today’s most pressing issues.

Three Steps to Join:

Students can easily sign up to the competition in three simple steps.

One, sign up on the Brandstorm site. Two, find your dream team.

Three, summit the game-changing idea. Ready, set, go!

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Brandstorm 2020 — Building a Sustainable Future with Students!