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French Parliament Penalises Bioplastics Compared to Recycling

The EU parliament adopted Directive (EU) 2019/90 in June 2019. As a result, the French Senate created a bonus system to give financial incentives to eco-friendly and eco efficient packaging.

In September, French MPs proposed Amendment 79 in the context of the Circular Economy Law.

This amendment suggests to include compostable packaging in the “bonus/premium” system.

Compostable packaging should receive a financial incentive to reduce the price difference with virgin plastic.

This amendment was initially adopted by the French Senate.

However, other French MPs adopted amendment CD 1422 in November to remove compostable packaging from the bonus system saying that … compostable packaging does not represent an effective solution to the plastic waste crisis.

The amendment was adopted.

Recycled content packaging will keep the benefit, bioplastics packaging will loose it.

The Bioplastics industry was unable to convince enough French MP’s that compostable packaging is a viable end-of-life option.

Another lost battle for bioplastics.



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Des Députés veulent freiner l’essor des bioplastiques compostables