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How Did McDonalds Cope With the French Plastic Ban?

Let's have a look at how "McDo" dealed with the French plastic ban.

I went to “McDo”¬†located close to the Chateau de Versailles on the 4th of January 2020.

Le Chateau was built by Louis XIV, the man who put France on the Map.

Here’s what I saw:

Plastic Straws

McDo removed plastics straws and didn’t provide a (paper) substitute.

They launched an information campaign on the cups to inform their customers.

How smart!

Well done !

Plastic Lids

They replaced the plastic cup lids with paper lids.

Why not remove the lids all-together?

McDo provided instructions on their cups on how to use the new paper lids.

Well done!

mcdonalds paper lid
Mcdonald’s paper lid

Paper Cups

McDo kept the paper cups with plastic coating.

The cups are single-use packaging, not recyclable and contaminated with food after use.

In-Store Marketing

McDo’s in-store marketing material contained plastic straws .. an illegal item since January 1, 2020. Let’s put it this way … plastic straws haven’t left McDo completely.

Plastic Straws used for In-store Marketing
Plastic Straws used for In-store Marketing

Customer Information

No in-store customer information to educate the customers about what changed since January 1 (besides info on the cups).

I spoke to employees and their knowledge about the ban was a bit limited.

I think they should have (1) educated their employees; (2) used their paper trays cover to provide more info.

Waste Collection

No separate collection of waste.

“One bin fits all”; or shall we say “One bin fits none”?

One Bin Fits All
One Bin Fits All

Clam Shells

They kept the paper clam shells with plastic coating.

The clam shells are single-use packaging, not recyclable  and contaminated with food after use.

Do the clam shells fall under the SUP ban or should it be considered as “packaging”?

The law makes an exception for “packaging”.

Probably SUP!


It’s not hermetically sealed and besides McDo … most burgers are not sold in clam shells.

What will happen to McDonald’s iconic clam shell?

It will have to go.

This is going to be the packaging move of the year 2020 … the disappearances of McDonald’s clam shell.

How and by what will it be replaced with?

This is going to be the end of an era … the end of a legend … the end of a marketing icon.




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