Newspaper Bioplastics Bags Excluded From Oregon Plastic Ban

Oregon’s ban on single-use plastic bags, which goes into effect Jan. 1, does not include The Oregonian’s newspaper bags, which are biodegradable. The new law specifically exempts newspaper bags.

But readers have several ways to reduce using plastic bags and still receive The Oregonian.

You can request a newspaper tube in which the carrier can place your newspaper.

Typically, the tube goes under your mailbox or on your porch.

We also offer a digital subscription to our eNewspaper, which arrives by email seven days a week and can be read on your phone, tablet or computer.

The page by page replica edition includes bonus content for subscribers. Go to to sign up.

Many readers prefer – and request — double bagging, even on dry days, because of wetness.

When it really pours, water can get in the open end of a single-bagged newspaper.

And on dry days, many people have sprinklers running early in the morning, when delivery occurs.

Please be aware our bags are fully biodegradable.

Other bags exempt from the ban are dry cleaning bags, garbage bags you purchase for home use and pharmacy bags for prescription medications.



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New ban doesn’t apply to biodegradable bags that keep The Oregonian dry for readers




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