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New French Bioplastic Federation Called Green Plasturgie

Due to the increasing number of attacks on plastic and more specifically on the packaging industry since 2018, and the recent legislative turmoil regarding the fight against waste and the circular economy, the industry has decided to create a new professional organisation called GREEN PLASTURGIE.

The values ​​of GREEN PLASTURGIE are:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of its members;
  • Find common solutions to sustain the plastic, bioplastic and composite industry in an eco-responsible manner;
  • Participate in the activities of its members at national and / or European level;
  • Encourage all manufacturers to eco-design;
  • Make industry aware of the ecological and economic need to include an eco-responsible end-of-life for their plastic-bioplastic-composite products;
  • Promote prevention of industrial waste, in particular the development of virtuous uses (recycling, biodegradability-compostability, sorting gesture, deposit …).
  • Communicate with the public and political leaders / representatives in order to increase their awareness of the qualities of plastics-bioplastics-composites and of the actions taken by manufacturers to limit the environmental impact of their activities;
  • Encourage the establishment of a real bio-waste sector in France and the establishment of centers that can sort non-recycled plastics;
  • Inform manufacturers on technical, legislative and regulatory news concerning the treatment of plastic, bioplastic and composite materials.
  • Support actions aimed at increasing the responsibility of the public in their use of waste in order to avoid litter, litter or poorly sorted waste “

GREEN PLASTURGIE will bring the skills and resources together of direct or indirect players in the plastic-bioplastic-composite industry, including manufacturers-producers, suppliers, resellers, recyclers, compounders, environmental associations, NGOs, etc. ..

GREEN PLASTURGIE, who is open to working with all the actors sharing its values, has chosen to join Plastalliance. This new Organization will be a strong voice to defend the circular economy, petro or bio-based plastics and composites.

In addition to the actions specific to each Organization, joint GREEN PLASTURGY / PLASTALLIANCE actions will be carried out from 2020.



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Une nouvelle organisation professionnelle est née: GREEN PLASTURGIE

Green Plasturgie Website



Just a few remarks and questions:

  • Does it come too late as the EU directive has been adopted already and the French law on Circular Economy has or will be adopted soon ?
  • How will this new federation relate to the existing French Bioplastics federation (Club Bio-Plastiques)? Is the wheel being reinvented?
  • How will the recycling and traditional plastics lobby connect with the Bioplastics lobby?
  • Is it a double sided sword? More members, more resources, but lower common ground?
  • Is it to replace any existing federation?
  • And last but not least: Encourage industry …. but increase responsibility of the public?
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