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Nokian Tyres Goes Bioplastics

Nokian Tyres changes the cases of its tires in favour of bioplastics ones.

The enclosures – partly made with biomaterial – reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 75% compared to virgin or recycled plastic.

In Finland and Norway, 40,000 kg of plastic were used per year for tire covers.

The production of the new Green PE + LDPE enclosures introduced generates about 20.02 tons of carbon dioxide, compared to about 88 tons of virgin plastic cases and 44 tons of recycled plastic ones.

The lower emissions generated by the production of the cases are due to the use of a greater proportion of bio raw materials based on sugar cane ethylene.

The sugar cane has already absorbed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its growth phase, thus reducing the final emissions of the production of the cases.

Tire cases have obtained the “I’m Green” label for their respect for the environment.

Nokian Tires is the first manufacturer in the world to offer cases with this label.

The  “I’m Green” label is owned by the petrochemical company Braskem and its use is strictly controlled and regulated.

To obtain the label, over 50% of the raw materials in the product formulation must be Green PE.

Of the tire cases that Nokian Tires uses, Green PE represents 55% of the raw materials.


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Nokian Tyres e le custodie I’m Green



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