Carrefour Adapts its Shopping Bag Strategy

The fight against plastic is a major challenge for the retail sector. Carrefour made it a priority in its Act For Food strategy.

Three of Carrefour’s twenty commitments are focused on the retailer’s own brands packaging. The main objective is to go for 100% recyclable packaging for Carrefour products by 2025.

Shopping Bag Strategy

Carrefour has decided to replace the 10-cent bag that can be purchased at the cash desks with three plastics options.

The company claims this measure will save 700 tonnes of plastic. It doesn’t specify in which country the actions will go through and how this number was calculated.

The great innovation lies in the introduction of an alternative made from sea waste.

Carrefour will introduce three new options at the cash desk:

  • A shopping bag made from 100% recycled plastic collected from the oceans. The bags are made in partnership with an organization called Seaqual, which works to clean the oceans and seabed. Ten kilos of plastic make 100 bags.
  • The K-Way bag made from recycled PET bottles: four bottles are used to make one bag. The bags will be available next year.
  • The Trolley bag made from recycled materials.



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