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French Paper and Cardboard Tableware Industry Dies in January 2023

The amendment CD1013 causes serious trouble in the French paper and cardboard packaging industry.

The amendment was approved on Thursday, November 28 by the French National Assembly.

The amendment says that as from 1 st January 2023, commercial restorations, bakeries, fast food, gas stations, etc. will only be able to use reusable tableware.

Following manufacturers of cardboard and paper packaging will be hit by this massive measure

  • Schisler,
  • Huhtamaki
  • Gault
  • Fremont

“The direct impact on our activities would be of unprecedented violence. (..) Our packaging companies, established in France, will lose overnight 20% to 50% of their activity.” says one of the companies.

Reusable dishes, what environmental benefit?

These companies believe the measure was taken “without any environmental impact study “. The arguments sounds as this. Reusable tableware involves water consumption, the use of detergents, energy impact and wastewater treatment.

The Problem

Legislators had two possible approaches.

  • The ban of specific materials (polystyrene, PVC, etc), or
  • the ban of specific applications (single-use plastic SUP).

EU  and member states regulations are focussing on banning applications such as SUP.

The (bio-)plastic industry has a survival option: it’s possible to create reusable (bio-)plastic tableware.

The problem for the paper and cardboard industry: it’s impossible to create re-usable paper and cardboard packaging.

It’s remarkable that the paper and cardboard didn’t see that one coming. A big strategic mistake in terms of public affairs.


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La filière emballage papier carton française dénonce une mesure d’une “violence inédite”

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