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Bioplastic Packaging at Pharmapack

Sanner, a packaging specialist has announced the organisation will exhibit its bio-based plastic packaging during Pharmapack 2020.

During Pharmapack, it will be first time Sanner will exhibit its Sanner BioBase effervescent tablet packaging which is made of renewable raw materials and claims to be the first biopackaging of its kind.

The effervescent tablet packaging consists of more than 90 percent bio-based material, and the biopolymers used consist of various renewable raw materials such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose, which are converted into “green” ethanol.

A major advantage of bio-based plastic packaging is its essential independence from fossil raw material deposits and its reduced CO2 footprint.

Bio-based plastic packaging claims to have the same properties as conventional packaging solutions and is able to be processed on existing filling lines.

From a chemical point of view, Sanner BioBase is almost identical to polyethylene and polypropylene from fossil raw materials.

Ursula Hahn, head of product management at Sanner commented: “Sanner BioBase can be recycled, increases resource efficiency and makes it easier for us to achieve our climate targets.” Additionally, as a result of higher H2O barrier properties the tablets have an extended shelf life. In terms of handling, Sanner BioBase offers consumers a high-quality feel and appearance and the tablet tube can be printed or provided with an In-Mould Labelling (IML) label.

The packaging will be commercially available from the second quarter of 2020. The initial tablet tube will have a diameter of 27 millimetres and can be combined with the appropriate desiccant closure.

Hahn explained how primarily the product was aimed at food supplement procedures, but now the company are turning their focus to the pharmaceutical industry. This is because of the stricter regulations within this sector.

Peik-Christian Witte, director, research and development, Sanner explained how 60 years ago Sanner launched the first desiccant closure for moisture-sensitive tablets and the company are building on this success: “We are continuing this tradition with continuous development work and with the first bio-based effervescent tablet packaging.”

The company has a real focus on innovation and sustainability. For example, the Bensheim site uses its own combined heat and power generation system, and in recent years, the company has been able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption for the production of plastic packaging.

Witte will deliver a speech in the Pharmapack Learning Lab on 6th February at 14:30 titled, “Protecting Health versus Sustainable Packaging – Dream or Reality”.


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Bio-based plastic packaging on display at Pharmapack

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