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United Biopolymers on RTP International

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Carlos Ramalho, Sales Manager at United Biopolymers was interviewed during the K-2019 fair by RTP International; a Portuguese TV station broadcasting outside Portugal.

Carlos was kind enough to provide following English translation of what he said in that interview. Here’s the translation:

United Biopolymers has developed a product at Figueira da Foz (a city of Portugal) that allows to combine Potato Starch (or other kind of starches) in a formulation in order to achieve a final product that would have same characteristics as a conventional today’s plastic (PE).

Our product is CoRez®. We started production this year, it can suit several different application but at the moment we are looking for films and plastic bags market.

We are here for the first time (at K 2019). We are seeing our product with a big demand over the exhibition and perceiving CoRez® will be a solution to our future.


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