Bio-Aromatics Conference Notes Events

Biorizon Event 2019 on Bio-Aromatics – LIVE

Today, the Shared Research Center Biorizon will host its 6th Biorizon Annual Event on Bio-aromatics in Antwerp. Follow the Event Live

Large industry players, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) and Research and Technology Organisations (RTO’s) from all over the world are present to discuss the latest progress in the field of bio-aromatics and to elaborate on the opportunities to accelerate biobased business together.

Biorizon: Results, Scaling Up and Applications

Presented by Ludo Dils – Chairman of Biorizon’s Advisort Board

Biorizon 2019
Biorizon 2019

Unique Integrated Approach for Green Industries

Presented by Rui Amorim – New Technologies Business Manager at Technip benelux

“An Integrated Approach for the industry and Cooperation between multi parties is essential for the success of new technologies. We can develop innovative technologies to help our partners achieve their objectives” said Rui Amorim

The Value of Stabilizing Lignin

Presented by Jean Behaghel – CSO at Bloom Biorenewables

“Cost competitiveness in production of bio-aromatics is the main driver to scale up technology successfully. To reach that level we believe that high yield and selective technology are key” said Jean Behaghel



Presented by Willem Sederel – Member of the Boardat Biobased Delta

“Biopen is an enabling platform to accelerate and support innovative technologies for functinal bio-aromatics” said Willem Sederel

Biorizon’s Thermochemical Horizon / Circularity wit Aromatics Enabled

Presented by Pieter Imhof, CEO at BioBTX

“Our technology allows Cost competitive production of BTX from sustainable resources to reach full circularity in chemicals and polymers” said Pieter Imhof


The Use of Bio-Aromatic Building Blocks in Adhesive polymers

Presented by Luc Peeters, R&D Manager at Kaneka

“I see a future for bioaromatics in sealants and adhesives as some nice improvements were found” said Luc Peeters

Search for Highly Biorenewable ink resins: Lignin as Future Building Block

Presented byMaarten Maesen; R&D chemist at Lawter

Biorizon’s Carbohydrates / Furans Horizon / Scale Up  Novel Functional Bio-Aromatics

Presented by Roger Blokland, Business Developer at TNO

“Relement will be launched as a new company and will market performance bio-aromatics created from renewable biomass” sais Roger Blokland.