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The Biopen Platform

Accelerating and Supporting Business Development of Bio-based Industries and Downstream Sectors.

Looking for ways to accelerate the production of your sustainable and competitive bio-based products? BIOPEN is the European Open-innovation Platform that will help your companies.

Support action include matchmaking among project ideas and stakeholders for joint development, funding opportunities, sharing of information and offering a semantic search engine to perform searches over millions of patents, scientific papers.

BIOPEN is a Biobased Industries JU project

BIOPEN aims to support collaboration and knowledge sharing in the bio-based industry and to stimulate the set-up of co-innovation partnerships for the development of new products and markets in the sector by setting up an open innovation platform capable to involve industries, research centers and universities.

BiOPEN is not another matchmaking database, but an actively managed platform, pre-filled with relevant information on funding opportunities, and the ability to search for bio-based information on patents, literature and in any other open access knowledge repositories.


  • Clustering and networking to develop new value chains and favour the emergence of co-innovation partnerships across the value chains;
  • Stakeholder engagement and support to help set up 20 co-innovation partnerships alongside existing and new value chains
  • Creation of a knowledge centre, including five new perspective studies on value chains in the biobased sector, as well as biobased products overview

The BiOPEN project is a CSA project funded under BBI JU and coordinated by Ciaotech, Italy.  The consortium involves 9 partners from seven EU countries (Italy, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, and Poland) and is highly specialized in the bio-based industry.

It comprises five European bio-based clusters (Bioeconomy Cluster, Biobased Delta, CLIB2021, Smart Chemistry Park operated by Turku Science Park, West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster Green Chemistry), three open innovation expert companies (Ciaotech, Europe Unlimited, Innovation Engineering), and one research centre (National Technical University of Athens).

The project partners will reach a large number of stakeholders and involve them actively through workshops, direct support to find collaboration partners or co-funding and online matchmaking.

They will also deliver five perspective studies on new bio-based products and markets, encompassing both downstream sectors and brand owners.

This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 7457


Bioeconomy Cluster, Germany, is creating value from non-food biomass. The aim is to enhance value chains through combined production and cascade utilisation of waste materials and to optimally use the biomass feedstocks. Currently more than 100 companies, research institutes and educational institutions are organised within the cluster. The centre of the cluster region is located in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony and is interlinked international with decision makers from relevant industries.

Biobased Delta, The Netherlands, is the biobased cluster in the southwest of the country with entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government agencies working together to strengthen the position of the region in the biobased economy under the theme “Agro meets Chemistry”. The cluster has an extensive national and international network and over 80 partners.

Ciaotech, Italy (Coordinator).

The largest European innovation management consultancy (PNO Group) represented by CTECH – specialised in innovation services to SMEs and Large Corporations.

CLIB, Germany, is the competence network for industrial biotechnology with a strong base in the German Federal State of NRW and an extensive national and international network. The cluster has around 100 members from academia, small and medium sized enterprises and the chemical industry. CLIB: networking biotechnology, creating sustainability.

Europe Unlimited, Belgium, provides event and online matching platforms between emerging innovative companies, investors and partners across Europe and its regions, presenting hundreds of high-tech entrepreneurial companies in many venture fora and partnering events across Europe to venture capital and corporate investors and partners to support innovation and to improve investor-readiness and access to finance and markets.

Innovation Engineering, Italy. Experienced IT company developer of innovative Open Innovation tools to support innovation processes and grant-information databases in various sectors including bio-chemistry.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, participates with the research group of the Industrial Process Systems Engineering Unit (IPSEN) of the Process Analysis and Plant Design department of the Chemical Engineering School. IPSEN brings 25-year process design experience, offering dedicated expertise in biorenewables leading Marie Curie and IP research projects at EU and national level.

Smart Chemistry Park operated by Turku Science Park, Finland, is an innovation platform and a cluster for startups and SMEs within the fields of process chemistry and technology. Smart Chemistry Park in operated by Turku Science Park Ltd. It offers for bio economy companies laboratory, pilot and office spaces, as well as a broad network with the industry, universities and public sector. The local cluster has about 30 stakeholders and the national network includes over 100 stakeholders.

The Association West Pomeranian Chemical Cluster “Green Chemistry”, Poland, successfully operates in the international research and development arena, focusing enterprises and research institutions from the West Pomerania region and other parts of Poland. As part of ongoing international projects, new value chains are built around industry platforms that target R&D and demonstration activities related to green chemistry, bioeconomy, recycling, packaging materials, and food industry. These activities are associated with increased activity in the field of innovation as well as internationalization of cluster’s members on foreign markets


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