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Belgium Starts Discussion on Waste Management

The Walloon region (Belgium-FR) has started discussion on biomass waste. The meeting took place on October 16. 

The Walloon Government has adopted the executive orders “sortie du statut de déchet” et “Sous-produits (waste status removal and by-products)

The Walloon Administration and the ISSeP organized an information session to clarify the new legislation and the practical and administrative procedures that flow from it. The main points are presented here.

It will be possible to request the release of waste status for an element resulting from a recycling or recovery process. We can also request the recognition of a by-product for an element resulting from a process that is not intended to produce it. This voluntary administrative procedure must come from the holder of such an object.

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These two statutes offer a guarantee on the quality of the substance or the object put on the market as soon as it meets the criteria for verifying the respect of the four general conditions of exit from waste status or by-product recognition. Other practical and financial benefits are also identified, especially in tax, transport or authorization terms.

Comments should be made to the following email before November 26, 2019. All the docs and forms can be found by clicking on the link (REFS).



Sol et déchets en Wallonie

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