Plastic Bans Straws and Cutlery

Plastic Ban Increase Demand for Biodegradable Cutlery in Jaipur

The growing awareness on single-use plastic and its use has increased the demand for biodegradable disposable cutlery across the city.

Its manufacturers are upbeat as food caterers, restaurants, restro bars and many others dealing with food items have started looking for a replacement of single-use plastic glasses, bowlers, spoons and cups. Its manufacturers believe that with a strict implementation on plastic ban, they can expect further rise in demand.

As Union government is planning to eventually ban the single-use plastic made items by 2022 and is presently spreading awareness on it, various manufacturers of sugarcane bagasse made cutlery are already getting good orders.

“Presently, our regular clients, including food caterers, restaurants, and sweet shops, have started demanding for it for packing purpose. I believe when the plastic would be completely banned, the demand for disposable cutlery would rise,” said Tushar Arora, a manufacturer of biodegradable and disposable cutlery based in Jaipur while talking to TOI on Thursday.

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He added that many people are on a mode to throw plastic out of their lives but the government should also take stringent measures.

Many wholesale dealers supplying the cutlery made up of sugarcane bagasse say that awareness has already risen after October 2 when the state government started bringing measures to curb the use of single-use plastic.

“Our clients include food caterers of marriages and restaurants. In the past two years, the awareness on ill-effects of plastic has increased and this has certainly given rise to the biodegradable and eco-friendly items used as The growing awareness on single-use plastic and its use has increased the demand for biodegradable disposable cutlery across the city.. I personally believe plastic ban is for present and future. Plastic is wasting the land and even making it infertile,” said Mahesh Chhugani, a wholesale dealer of sugarcane bagasse made cutlery.

Many wholesale dealers in Tripolia Bazaar, Subash Chowk and other areas of walled city are also getting queries from rural interiors of Rajasthan on plates, cups, spoons and bowls made up of sugarcane bagasse.

“The price is varying from Rs 2 per piece to Rs 10 per piece of a plate depending on its size. Such is the awareness level that even many dealers and food caterers in rural interiors are also asking for it,” said a dealer at Tripolia Bazaar.


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Plastic ban spurs demand for biodegradable cutlery in Jaipur


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