The New Luxury Award

Perfume, Packaging and Packing of the future - Sustainability following the New Luxury Code. Packaging is what a consumer sees first, before the product. Packaging serves a practical purpose, but it also carries a story and communicate a brand’s values.

The world consumes billions of packages every day. This is why we need sustainable alternatives that reduces the environmental impact and in the meantime reflect the brand values. We invite you to showcase your innovative packaging solutions that are not only better for consumers but for the world as well.

The Competition

The International Perfume Foundation launches the competition. The finalists will be announced on January 15, 2020 and displayed during the ADF-PCD show in Paris on January 29 – 30, 2020. The winners will be announced during an important conference on sustainability at ADF-PCD show on January 30, 2020.

Give us Your Vision of the Future

You are a perfumer, packaging engineer or designer; you are the future of this industry. Inspired by the New Luxury Code? Give us your vision of the future! What will be perfume in 2025?

Our objective is to stimulate creativity in perfume and packaging in adopting the New Luxury Code as sustainability standards for Authenticity, Integrity and Transparency.

This competition has also for objective to create a link between new perfumers, new designers, inventors and students in perfumery and students in packaging. Together Let’s Make our Industry a Leader in Sustainability and Enter the New Economy

The New Luxury Code

  • Self Respect
  • Respect of Our Health
  • Respect of the Earth
  • Respect of Air and Water
  • Respect of the Environment
  • Respect of Products Transparency and Quality
  • Respect for Humans, Animals and Plant Kingdoms
  • Products Made as Works of Art
  • Respect of Truth in Advertising
  • Respect of Cultural Heritage
  • Respect of Communities


The jury is composed of Academicians, Members of the Teacher’s Academy, experts and world renowned influencers from the perfume and packaging industry who will first choose up to 10 entries to be shortlisted.

Competition opened to:

  • Perfumers following the standards of the International Perfume Foundation
  • Graduates of a Perfumery Schools
  • Students in Perfumery
  • Designers in packaging/ packing
  • Engineers and inventors in packaging / packing
  • Graduates of a Packaging and packing Schools
  • Students in Packaging/packing

Rules and Key factors

Creating a Perfume, Packaging or Packing following the New Luxury Code.

For Perfume

Respect the standards of the International Perfume Foundation for Certification. Creating a perfume with a soul and a story to tell.

For Packaging

  • Creating a Packaging that nobody wants to threw away.
  • Creating a packaging with a soul and a story to tell.
  • Avoid using fossil-based, non-compostable plastics or non-recyclable materials.
  • Avoiding mixing materials if they cannot be easily separated for recycling.
  • Ergonomics / Functionality (the package should be easy to store, hold, open and close)
  • All designs presented will have to be new, not having been commercialized or published prior to the date of the contest.
  • The use of existing logo is not admitted except if your work is associated with the work of a perfumer also competing. Understanding that the competition is open to perfumers only, not to the brands.

For Packing

Product protection (package protects the product throughout the logistics chain) Sustainability (use of renewable; biodegradable materials, material efficiency, material savings, recyclability, reusability).

Submission Specifications

All submissions must be made by post mail and must contain:

  • Description (min. 50 words) outlining the inspiration and benefits of the
  • The competition languages are English and French.

For Designers

  • Up to 6 photos/illustrations on white background.
    Participants can submit the following material (optional):
  • 3D visuals
  • Creative video (max. 30 MB) presenting the concept.

For Perfumers

  • Up to 6 sample vials of perfume
  • Description and criteria of the perfume
  • List of raw material used

Registration Fee

  • 50€ for individual registration.
  • 25€ for students.

Open for registration: October 9-2019 – Closing registration: November 10, 2019

Open for submission: January 1-2020 – Closing submission: January 15-2020

The Perfume Foundation Website

The New Luxury Code Website

Contact the organiser of the New Luxury Award:


New Luxury Award
New Luxury Award
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