Indian Student Develops Bioplastic From Potato Waste

Mohali: Amid the dire need to come up with a substitute for single-use plastic products, a BTech student of Chitkara University, Baddi campus, has invented a product which he claims can serve the purpose.

As per the invention, starch extracted from potato waste is used to make pallets which can be further used to manufacture items like straw, spoons, forks, plates, carry bags and water bottles.

A second year BTech student Pranav Goyal, along with his mentor Abha Sharma, assistant professor at Chitkara University, brought the prototype of his invention, showcasing the material which can be moulded into a spoon or a fork or party plate. He claimed that it is purely biodegradable and environment friendly.

Pranav said, “We use starch extracted from potato waste centrifuging it to form another material which can be used as raw material in place of plastic products to manufacture carry bags, water bottles, spoons, straws, forks, plates and glasses. It is 100% biodegradable product and environment friendly. We make pallets of the starch to feed it into extruder to mould it into different shapes of products replacing the plastic products. With this, we give an alternative for single-use plastic products which has been banned by government recently.”

Pranav said his elder sister Saloni Goyal owns a bioplastic manufacturing company and is a co-founder of the same. The invention has been developed under the company SPM Bioplastic, which is incubated at Explore Hub, Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, said Abha.

Chitkara University Centre for Entrepreneurship Education & Development (CEED) encourages and motivates students to be part of start-up ecosystem which is headed by director Sumeer Walia.

The aim is to replace the petroleum-based plastic products which is one of the major causes of polluting the environment.


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