A Must Do at K-2019!

Many companies will be showing their latest materials, packaging and products at K 2019. However, you may hear the production line is under construction, the supplies are too small and the distribution is not in place yet. What if your company or clients need a solution right now? One company is right on time to surf on consumer trends.

That company is Stora Enso, the leader in Biocomposites.

The  Durasense Biocomposites are the best available biocomposites on the market. And the time is right for Biocomposites. Stora Enso has the technology, biocomposites and supply chain to solve all your problems.

The renewable wood-based biocomposites DuraSense® are a blend of wood fibers and polymers, offering the mouldability of plastic, and the strength, workability and sustainability of wood.

Durasense is developed to handle technical and performance requirements such as stiffness, strength, colourability, fully bio-based, food contact approved, etc.

The Durasense Wood fiber composites can compete with engineering plastics.

In Short

  • DuraSense® by Stora Enso offers an affordable way to go green
  • DuraSense is suitable for different conversions: injection moulding, extrusion, 3D printing
  • DuraSense offers an economical alternative
  • DuraSense wood fiber composite enables a reduced CO2 footprint

Visit Stora Enso at their booth Hall 7, level 2 / G18

or Book a meeting in advance at







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