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Invest in the European Bio-Economy!

There's a unique opportunity to get a VIP seat at the European Bio-economic Table. Are you interested?


There’s currently a bio-economic revolution going on. The Netherlands are one of the most efficient and most advanced country when it comes to bio-economy.  Did you know that there’s currently a lack of R&D infrastructure to push bio-economic innovations to the market? Would you like to be part of this transformation and surf on the bio-economic wave?

Once in a lifetime opportunity

A Dutch Industrial Research University Hub, the Dutch Government and the Wageningen University are building a pilot plant that will revolutionise the European Bio-economic scene; and they’re currently looking for a business partner to lead or support the project.

This is one in a lifetime opportunity to fast track your company into the bio-economic hart of Europe. Imagine the connections, knowhow and leverage that you will gain! Imagine the business potential!

The Pilot Plant

The purpose of this pilot plant will be to revolutionise the international bio-economic scene through innovation and by helping companies to scale up production from lab to industrial scale.

Consortium Partners

The consortium will be made of the Green Chemistry Campus, REWIN and the prestigious Wageningen University. The  Pilot Plant will be located on the Green Chemistry Campus of Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. Two third of the plant will be funded by the Dutch government.

More Information

The amount of seats are limited. Only major players and big business will be considered and allowed to make an offer. Do you want to take your chance and be selected as the leader of this project?

Please contact:

Mr. Marcel van Berkel

M +31 6222 03144