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BioMarine Cascais 2019: Your Blue Vision at Work

You are a corporate looking for a disruptive innovation coming from the blue bio economy? Join Biomarine 2019 in Cascais on 4 and 5 November 2019.

You are a technology provider, in the field of blue bio plastic, biorefinery, scouting new business opportunities in the feed, nutrition, cosmetic and biomaterials sectors.

You are a startup looking for your next funding partner (Angel, Family office, VC, Bank, public vehicle) then get ready for our one to one business partnership sessions.

You are an investor scouting the next opportunities and potential block busters. You are a government agency ready to support the development of your blue bio industry.

You are a producer of low trophic species willing to join or participate as an industry member to our new International Blue Coop.

You just wish to get familiarized with our blue bio economy before starting your new project. You are committed to the blue vision and ready to make a change in your government policy.

You are part of international organizations and willing to better understand the real issues of our blue bio
economy. You are a social media, a journalist or a media ready to explain the blue bio revolution to the public

Then join us for BioMarine Cascais 2019!


BioMarine has more in common with a boot camp than a conference. Every minute is dedicated to developing your network efficiently. Rule one is: “there is no rule”. You will have to connect!


Check all the new programme:

  • Innovation workshop “The next generation of bio-packaging”: In partnership with Nestlé, we will
    brainstorm on the best way to produce new innovative solutions for bio-packaging.
  • Mind the Gap:
    • Research directors: What will be the next disruptive innovations ?
    •  How to decipher the potential of low trophic species through the eyes of visionary entrepreneurs
  • Opening Session:
    • One visionary leader elaborating a true blue vision that includes environment, native populations and economics
    • One charismatic cosmetic leader who is reinventing the essence of natural marine
    • One exceptional woman and investor preparing the blue route for entrepreneurs
  • Debates and panel sessions: We do expect clear and straight answers.
  • 4 CEOs brainstorm sessions: 1 theme, 4 CEOs / investors with 1 goal: 1 final project
  • International Blue Cooperative Meeting: first global initiative working on the sustainable production of low trophic species to anticipate the needs of industry in term of pet food, nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and blue bioplastics
  • One-to-one pre-scheduled meetings
  • 2 days of interactions using our Whova event tool, polls and the hashtag #BioMarine


Have fun while networking! Our historical partner, the Municipality of Cascais, will organize THE networking evening.


Build your image online. BioMarine is not a place where you come unprepared. Fill up your profile on the Whova tool and BioMarine community: It is the entry point for any attendee who might be interested to talk to you.

Don’t try to cover all grounds. Be specific in the details; what are your expectations? R&D, venture, business partnerships, etc…

Explain clearly what is your USP! It is always good to link to a web site, a LinkedIn page or a twitter account. Show your credentials don’t be shy! Small is beautiful.



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