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Tesco Launches Bioplastics Makeup Brushes

Discover the range of environmentally-friendly vegan makeup brushes launching in Tesco.

The ethical vegan beauty brand is doing their bit, and more, for the environment!

Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand So Eco is going above and beyond for the environment with its environmentally friendly products and packaging.

We all know how much impact plastic has on the natural world and makeup brands have been slow to react to this.

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Since 2012, So Eco have created a range of PETA accredited cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products by ensuring their components are 100% responsibly and ethically sourced.

They have also partnered with Tree Nation, planting a tree for every 100 products sold to help combat deforestation.

Launching in selected Tesco stores across the country, the makeup brushes are made using bamboo and recycled aluminium.

The packaging is produced using FSC material, printed with soy inks and uses cornstarch windows and water-based adhesives across its range.

To ensure every part of the product, right down to the way it’s shipped, is eco-friendly the products are even shipped to their destination in PLA bioplastic bags.

So Eco is also gearing up to launch a range of hairbrushes and combs later next month, all of which are made using a fully compostable and bio-degradable plant-based material.

This ethical sourcing has resulted in So Eco being a truly eco cosmetic brand, and hopefully more brand will follow in their footsteps!

Discussing the brands eco-credentials, Managing Director, Mark Taylor said: “It’s a hugely rewarding feeling know our products are making a positive impact to the environment, we have been making these efforts since 2012 and will continue to produce responsibly sourced products and packaging. We are truly proud that our brand, So Eco, can encourage the market to make a change with our new and innovative products, particularly with the launch of our bio-degradable hairbrushes later this month.”


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Discover the range of environmentally-friendly vegan makeup brushes launching in Tesco

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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