Earlybirds Snacking Drinks to Launch Plant-Based Packaging With Sugarcane Lid

The nutritious snack or breakfast drink first came to market in late 2019 launching in selected Sainsbury's stores on August 19, 2019.

High-fibreThe drinks contain no added sugar, are high-in-fibre and come in a compostable bottle, in two flavours: Berry Bircher and Mango & Oats.

Founder Amrit Hathiramanim created the brand when he struggled to fit breakfast into his busy lifestyle and saw a niche for people on-the-go but with stand-out packaging for health conscious consumers.”We wanted to make something that would really cut through the noise on the shelf and saw the best way to do this was to let the consumer know exactly what it is he said.

The current trend in packaging is to focus heavily on the benefits and ingredients front of pack, this may leave consumers guessing as to what it is. We wanted to avoid that happening, there is so little time to grab a consumer’s attention and let them know what the product is and why it is perfect for them. By stripping it back, we’ve made it bolder and louder – injecting personality into a functional but often very quiet category


After a few months on shelf in Sainsburys, the Earlybirds team recognised consumers were really understanding their product, and the fact it was one of the few drinks on the shelf to have when you were hungry not thirsty.

As this is the key selling point, the founding team at Earlybirds decided to make the logo/ name secondary to the occasion

They partnered with branding agency Beach Design, who turned the in-house developed concept into a sleek looking bottle targeted at millennials


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Earlybirds snacking drinks to launch plant-based packaging with sugarcane lid


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