Bioplastics Chronicles

The Bioplastics Glossary

The most important definitions and expressions used in the bioplastic industry.

To pull a BASF on someone or something = (1) To be a runaway bride; (2) coitus interruptus. Example: Tom believed Martin was going to swallow the whole shebang; but Martin left the church before Tom started singing. Martin pulled a BASF on Tom.

Mother Superior = BASF. Example:  What Mother Superiors wants, God wants.

Schwarzenegger = the CEO of BASF.

The House of God = The boardroom of BASF.

The Devil’s Cauldron = Chemcycling.

Polystyrened = Defenestration. Example: PET is the next plastic to be polystyrened.

Styrofoamed  = to be accused of something you haven’t done or to be taken for someone else. Example: Polystyrene was confused with extruded polystyrene in many plastic bans. To some extend, they extruded the polystyrene; they styrofoamed it.

The Dutch Promised to Pay for it = to be told a serious amount of bullshit.

A Dutch Marketing Budget = a mirage, a fata morgana. Example: The Dutch promised to pay for it with their Marketing Budget. We never heard from them again!

A synvina = (1) a booby trap, (2) a flop (3) a fiasco. Example: They tried to seduce Mother superior with a synvina. However, Mother Superior may still be a virgin, but she’s not stupid.

An avantium = a boiler room. Example: I got a call from avantium who tried to sell me an encyclopedia.

Belgian Customer Service = why don’t you buy it somewhere else! Example: We were expecting ‘American style’ service but it turned out to be Belgian customer service; we felt guilty of being their customer.

Don’t take this seriously. This is meant as a joke!

These are great companies working at the forefront of the Bioplastic industry.

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