New Dog Toy Line With Biobased Fillings

Good Stuffing Launches Revolutionary Dog Plush Toy Line with SafeFill™ Stuffing, a Natural Alternative to Poly-Fill.

The Good Stuffing Company announced the launch of its first line of plush dog toys, which will be exclusively available at Petco and through the end of the year.

What makes the Good Stuffing offerings unique is that, unlike almost any other canine plush toy that is filled with poly-fill, the Good Stuffing line is filled with SafeFill™ Stuffing.

SafeFill™ Stuffing is a proprietary alternative fill made from natural plant starch.

If a dog tears open a plush toy filled with poly-fill, there is a real choking hazard.

Conversely, the SafeFill™ Stuffing will dissolve harmlessly in the dog’s mouth like cotton candy does in people. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Good Stuffing line to dog owners around the country.

We spent years researching and developing an alternative to poly-fill, which was safe, affordable, and environmentally consistent with our values.

We expect dog owners everywhere to be attracted to our great looking line of Good Stuffing plush toys with SafeFill™ Stuffing.”

Dan Troiano, CEO of Good Stuffing

While the principle ingredient used in the manufacturing of poly-fill is ethylene, which is derived from petroleum, SafeFill™ Stuffing is derived from natural plant starch.

SafeFill™ Stuffing, manufactured without any crude oil component or toxic byproducts, is eco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, fire-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

The line at Petco is launching with over two-dozen fun and attractive animals for all sized dogs.

About Good Stuffing

Good Stuffing is committed to safe and healthy dog play.

Bolstered by the belief that what is on the inside counts, the company developed SafeFill™ Stuffing, an eco-friendly, biodegradable, alternative to poly-fill that is made from natural starch.

`Unlike poly-fill, it does not contain any toxic materials that could have serious adverse effects on pets and humans.

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Good Stuffing Launches Revolutionary Dog Plush Toy Line with SafeFill™ Stuffing, a Natural Alternative to Poly-Fill