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SIBS Biodegradable PVC Bank Cards

Payment solutions provider SIBS has launched new biodegradable PVC bank cards as a sustainable alternative to conventional cards.

The new offerings are being produced by its commercial cards production unit.

The SIBS biodegradable PVC cards include salt as one of its constituents facilitating the degrading process.

SIBS noted that the PVC biodegradability of the product was tested according to the ASTM D5511 Test Method, which determines the rate of anaerobic biodegradation of plastic products.

“For a long time that SIBS is concerned about greener alternatives, especially when we have one of the largest card production and personalization factories in Iberian Peninsula, where, of course, plastic is one of the main raw materials. 

“This announcement is another accomplishment of SIBS’ mission to create value for Society by developing and managing technology-based solutions that combine security, convenience and innovation, respecting the good behavioural principles and the sustainability conditions.”

SIBS director of Card Production and Personalization Unit Gonçalo Campos Alves

The company noted that companies from different business verticals have already selected these biodegradable PVC cards.

SIBS is also using the new material to produce its business cards.

Currently, SIBS’ card unit delivers more than 12 million cards and 20 personalised cards annually.

Last month, Spanish lender CaixaBank unveiled its first biodegradable card made of corn starch and biomass.

The new card will reduce carbon footprint generated from card manufacturing to half.


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SIBS introduces biodegradable PVC bank cards