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UK Company Boss Threatens to Fire Employees Who Bring Single-Use Plastic Containers to the Office

Intelligent Hand Dryers, based in Sheffield, has banned all single-use plastic. Andrew Cameron, the firm’s founder, said he was fed up of bins overflowing. Now workers must bring their lunches in reusable containers or dispose of the packaging before getting to work

A company has taken the war on plastic to a new level by threatening to sack staff if they bring in single-use containers.

Intelligent Hand Dryers, which is based in Sheffield, has banned all single-use plastic from its offices, but now plans a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy.

Rules will be written into contracts to make bringing single-use plastics into the office a disciplinary offence.

Andrew Cameron, the firm’s founder, said he had spent years pushing the importance of cutting down paper waste and switching off lights.

Mr Cameron, 41, who has a team of ten, said: ‘[Staff] were creating a lot of waste from going to the supermarket and having a load of unnecessary packaging. Everyone was buying meal deals and our bins were just overspilling. It was driving me mad.’

If a worker ignored the new rule, he said, they would ‘basically be saying I don’t care about the mentality of this business and what we are trying to do’.

He told The Times: ‘It’s not just about disobeying what may seem to many like a slightly draconian, Left-leaning business owner who has lost his marbles and is taking away people’s civil liberties.’

It came as researchers said plastic pollution was so severe it had made its way into the fossil record to mark a ‘Plastic Age’. Scientists at the University of California in San Diego assessed layers of coastal ocean sediments, and found that layers of plastic in the ocean floor directly mirrored the increase in plastic production in the past 70 years, The Guardian reported.


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Company boss threatens to SACK staff who take single-use plastic containers into the office in drastic move to fight pollution

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