Danish Minister Tired of Waiting for EU and Bans Fluorocarbons in Food Packaging

The issue of fluorocarbons in food packaging has long been on the political agenda in Denmark, with the EU taking years to legislate in the area.

In 2015, the government moved to limit the use of fluorocarbons in food packaging, such as baking paper, pizza boxes and food wrapping, and it urged the EU to usher in more stringent legislation.

Now, four years later and with little EU action, the food minister, Mogens Jensen, has had enough.

Jensen revealed today that the government is looking to outright ban fluorocarbons, an endocrine disrupter that is considered to be dangerous to humans and the environment, in food packaging

“I will not accept the risk of the damaging fluorocarbons contaminating our food. These compounds are such a significant health risk that we can no longer sit back and wait for the EU,” said Jensen.

Into effect in July 2020

Fluorocarbons are very difficult to break down in nature and many are suspected of causing cancer, disturbing hormones and damaging the immune defence system.

The new ban is expected to come into effect in July 2020 and will last until the EU passes tougher legislation in the arena in the future.

The ban will encompass all organic fluorocarbons used in materials that come into contact with food products. Using recycled cardboard and paper for food packaging will still be legal, but if it contains fluorocarbons, it must be separated from the food by a barrier.


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  • I believe this is the first article we publish about Denmark. When it comes to Bioplastics, Denmark is literally nowhere!
  • However, they seem to have a good Food Minister.
  • EU has not an impeccable record when it comes to regulating: When we expect them to act, they don’t; when we expect them to leave it as is, they regulate.


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