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Coca-Cola is Against Reusable Cups

An email sent by Coca-Cola to the Belgian Government was leaked in the press. Coca-Cola seems to be against using reusable cups at music festivals.

A letter sent by Coca-Cola to the local council of a Belgian town is at the origin of the scandal. The town is famous for organising a music festival.

Coca-Cola strongly discourages the local council to use reusable cups and strongly encourages to use PET bottles instead.

Coca-Cola gives two reasons why the reusable cups should not be used:

  • you have to employ too many people to clean the cups;
  • the ecological footprint of reusable cups is worse than PET bottles because you need to use water to clean the cups.

The Belgian Government’s reaction was the following:

It’s very sad to see a company like Coca-Cola spreading false information  at the Government.


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