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Message From The CEO of Mistubishi Chemical

Becoming a chemical company that grows sustainably by accurately anticipating social change.

The world is currently facing a number of problems unfolding on a global scale, including climate change, water resource shortages, and resource and energy issues. Also, the startling pace of progress in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing momentous social change. Given the rapid changes likely to take place in our business environment, we need to be able to accurately anticipate coming changes and respond quickly.

Precisely because of the rapid changes of this time and age, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group must continue to provide various products. By combining our diverse range of products and technologies, we will create value for society, and will continue to grow in step with the changing world. Adhering to the highest ethical standards, we will seek to ensure safe and stable operations, thereby maintaining the trust of all stakeholders, and contribute to society. Through the years, no matter what else may change in society, thorough safety and compliance will continue to be the basis of all our corporate activities.

With our sights set on becoming THE KAITEKI COMPANY with global recognition throughout the industry, and to achieve sustained growth, we are taking steps to develop global talent and promoting diversity. Our greatest resource is talent. We will foster the creation of an environment and a corporate culture where everyone accepts different nationalities, races, religions, and cultures so that all can work to their full potential. Furthermore, we have identified Health & Productivity Management as one of the most important aspects of our management strategy. We will focus on “health support” and “work style reforms” to ensure that each individual can work with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

We will contribute to the sustainable development of the world, and thus improve corporate value sustainably, by solving the issues facing people, society and the Earth through our Group’s collective capabilities under our vision of realizing KAITEKI.

We would appreciate your understanding for our Group’s approach to value creation, and I look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Masayuki Waga

President & CEO

Background of Mr. Masayuki Waga

Mr. Masayuki Waga has been Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation since April 1, 2018. Mr. Waga served as Chief Operation Officer of Information, Electronics & Display and Managing Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., until April 1, 2018 and served as its General Manager of Plant Factory Business Development Department, Performance Products Division and Executive Officer since June 2012. Mr. Waga joined Mitsubishi .


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