Bioplastics Chronicles

Impact of New European Commission on Bioplastics

Here's the "Bioplastics action Plan" that was published today by the new European Commission.

Seriously? You think politicians work on a Sunday? Under what rock have you been living?

The European Council proposed Ursula Von Leyen for the role of President of the European Commission.  What they meant was: We want to nominate Angela Merkel but she’s completely lived out so let’s nominate Ursula instead. It’s the same, Angela will run the show anyway. Wrong decision … I’m not even sure the German people accepts Ursula as being the rightful choice. If the Germans don’t want it, well then we surely don’t want it either. It should have been French Michel Barnier

They nominated Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel because the Council wants a politician from the Benelux for this position. Wrong decision … They should have nominated the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Mark Rutte doesn’t want the Job? Well then the Dutch can take their caravan and set up camp in another union. It should be Rutte or no more Gouda on the menu !

The Council chose for Josep Borrell as new EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. Oh my God, may God have pity on us! Well, there I think we should have had Angela …


Please read this with a pinch of salt. This is not meant seriously. It’s just entertainment for the Bioplastics Industry.