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Anellotech Close To Disrupt the Bio-Aromatics Industry

Anellotech's new MinFree™ technology accelerates and revolutionises the conversion of biomass into aromatics.

Aromatics are one of the most used chemicals and it’s a huge business.

To be able to convert biomass into aromatics, you need to remove the minerals in a cost-efficient way and that’s not easy.

MinFree is a groundbreaking technology that seems to be revolutionising the “mineral removal” process. It will allow bio-aromatics to compete with fossil-based aromatics.

The company that succeeds in unlocking the code of bio-aromatics will set a landmark in chemistry.

Anellotech’s MinFree technology has a huge advantage, it can be applied to several types of biomass: pine, eucalyptus, hard woods, agricultural residues (cotton straw, sugarcane bagasse and corn stover).

And that’s not all, it can also be used in the bioenergy sector to convert biomass waste into a sustainable energy source.

There’s an international race going on regarding bio-aromatics, but Anellotech seem to be the leader at this point-in-time.

The question is: Will Anellotech set the landmark and write history?

CEO David Sudoslky is determined to bring us closer to that point. He recently said, “

We have successfully validated loblolly pine and with our partner Axens have begun engineering work for a commercial plant. We now want to move forward to develop the next feedstock(s) for use in the Bio-TCat™ process. We look forward to working with other feedstock growers as partners to assess and commercialize abundant feedstocks for conversion to valuable chemicals and fuels.”


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