8th Circular and Biobased Performance Materials Symposium 2019

The 8th Circular and Biobased Performance Symposium was held in Wageningen, the Netherlands, on Wednesday 19 June 2019. Key industry players from the entire value chain, ranging from waste, agrifood to polymer processing companies, end application producers and users, reflected on their R&D strategies.

In this edition, special attention was given to the use of performance materials from biobased residual side streams and post-consumer waste.

In the opening session, the symposium chairmen Jan Noordegraaf and CBPM director Christiaan Bolck shared their view on the market developments and the research agenda for Circular and/or Biobased performance materials.

From industry, companies like Cosun, Sabic, Covestro and Total Corbion PLA reflected on the development and creation of new circular and biobased polymers. From a user perspective, toy manufacturer BiOBUDDi informed the audience about the (technical) challenges they encounter in product development.

From the waste to material perspective, waste processor Renewi, the Dutch organisation responsible for recycling of post-consumer packaging (Nedvang), and Wageningen FBR showed challenges and accomplishments they have made in converting post-consumer waste into new materials and products.


  • 09.30 – 09.45  – Welcome and view on the market for CBPM- Jan Noordegraaf, Chairman of the symposium
  • 09.45 – 10.00 – Introducing the CBPM programme – Christiaan Bolck, director CBPM programme

Session: Using biobased sources for new chemicals and materials

  • 10.00 – Processing underutilised low value sugarbeet pulp into value added products Ad de Laat, Cosun Innovation
  • 10.55 – High performance polymers based on isoidide Rutger Knoop, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
  • 11.20 – Alternative Raw Materials in a Circular Economy Verena Goldbach, Covestro

  • 11.45 – Lignin use in bio-asphalt Richard Gosselink, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Session: Using post-consumer waste for new materials

  • 13.30 – Clean cellulose from diapers – Hanneke Agterhuis, Renewi

  • 13.55 – Closing the loop for post-consumer packaging waste – Joris van der Meulen, Nedvang

  • 14.20 – Refining of post-use materials – Edwin Keijsers, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Session: Applying biobased polymers for new products

  • 15.15 – Biobased toys – Steven van Bommel, BioBuddi

  • 15.40 – Sustainability initiatives within SABIC with examples of use of bio-based materials for polyolefin- Jérôme Vachon, SABIC
  • 16.05 – PLA in mechanical and chemical recycling Vladislav Jašo, Total Corbion PLA


  • The Circular and Biobased Performance Symposium of the Wageningen University … is maybe the fine line in the sand that makes the Netherlands one of the leading countries of the EU when it comes to the bio-based industry. Does the Nordic countries have this? Does Belgium or France have this? I’m not sure.
  • The Circular and Bio-based Performance Symposium of the Wageningen University is the cherry on the cakes that makes the Netherlands shine a bit more.


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