Bioplastics Packaging at the Largest Cosmetic Event in Europe

Make Up In Paris is the Only B-to-B Make Up event in Europe and it took place on the 20th and 21st of June 2019. Let's see how bioplastics performs in the world of Cosmetics.

We had a look to see whether bioplastics packaging was present and the results were surprising. Here’s what we saw and learned.

Most of the attendees were women and there we mostly two types of products showcased: (1) cosmetic formula / ingredients and (2) packaging. There were a few interesting sessions namely on sustainable packaging and luxury. One of the areas where bioplastics packaging will become mainstream is in the cosmetics industry.

Speakers from l’Oréal, Henkel and ELIPSO (the plastic and flexible packaging manufacturers association in France) spoke during the sustainable packaging session.

We learned a few interesting things during the luxury session: ze French are ze best, ze French are ze Best and last but not least ze French are ze best.

More seriously, the luxury sector is economically and culturally very important in France. The French consider themselves as the world leaders of luxury, the centre of the world when it comes to luxury. They’re the only nation that produces luxury in all forms and shapes and in all layers of society and economic areas … in contradiction to the Swiss who only manufacture luxury watches, ze Germans who only produce luxury cars or the Chinese who only created luxury for their own interior market. The French only consider the Italians as equals when it comes to luxury.

The French luxury sector is lead by 4 companies called “KHOL” ( Kering, Hermes, l’Oréal, LVMH) and the French believe two people played a determinant role in luxury: Louis XIV and Coco Channel.

A special dedication to a company who did a really great work in promoting bioplastics. They were the best organised and had the greatest knowledge on bioplastics packaging as they could answer all my questions. They  promoted bioplastics the most and in the best way. Trully remarkable as never seen before. The company is called Texen. If you want your bioplastics packaging to hit the market soon, you want to speak with them.

Overall, it was a great event, very well organised and in a great location. It’s a “must be there” event.  Well done to the team!

Last but not least, Ingeo and Natureworks are less known than Braskem and I’m Green. I mean some people recognise the name NatureWorks, but Ingeo is just inconnu au bataillon . Ingeo…who? How did the Americans lost that marketing battle?

Let us have a look at the bioplastics packaging present at he the event:

ABS with rise husk and straw (70% – 30%)


PP (60%) and Rice Husk (40%)

 Bagasse and Bamboo

This one is made from 100% pure natural fibres from sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fibres and waste paper. I quote: it’s 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable but mostly 100% compostable within 90 days in soil. Company is FR & Partners

And now the Texen stand


100% PLA Pencils

Beauty Pads Made from Corn Starch

BIO-PE Tubes made from Braskem I’m green




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