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Why Are American Companies Always Winning?

Why are American companies always winning? Is it because they're smarter, have more money or better ideas?

It’s  difficult not to recognise the success of American companies or should we say…the supremacy of the American corporate culture. What makes American companies so succesful?

Here are some possible explanations:

  • Commitment – Americans don’t go to the ball to listen to the music, they go to run the show.
  • Winning – winning is not a taboo in American culture. It’s considered an achievement.
  • Entrepreneurs –  American  learn to undertake from a very young age.
  • Failure – Failure is not an handicap, it’s not a drama. It’s part of a learning curve. It’s a source of valuable hands-on experience.
  • Decision-taking – They can take quick decisions without having to consult their mother, grand-mother and board of directors.
  • Just do it – Americans take action. The plan doesn’t have to be complete or perfect. All questions don’t have to be answered. Risk is part of the journey.
  • Responsibility – Americans are not afraid of taking their responsibility because failure is not a drama, it’s part of the learning curve.
  • Disruptive – Americans invented the disruptive business model. If it’s established, it can be kicked over.
  • English language – they have the advantage of being native speaker in the international business language.
  • International Culture – they know how to deal with the rest of the world. They accept and understand cultural differences.
  • Differences – they accept and are open to individual differences. We don’t have to come from the same mould.
  • Hierarchy – American companies don’t have rigid hierarchy. All their senior directors are approachable.
  • Experience – they have experience in all of the above. It’s engraved in their DNA.
  • Generosity – The American economy is a tipping culture. They’re used to give tips. They know how to spend money.
  • Marketing – They know the true value of marketing.


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