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Braskem Goes on TV

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Marco Jansen, Braskem’s Commercial Director of Renewable Chemicals to discuss how the company is on the cutting edge of developing sustainable solutions.

Braskem has developed a bio-based version of commonly used plastics. The company operates in the chemical and petrochemical sectors, with 41 industrial units distributed in Brazil, the Unites States, Germany and Mexico.

The company is widely known for their concrete initiatives in sustainable development and green plastics, and has been named as one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies from Fast Company Magazine.

“Sustainability is the DNA of the company,” says Jansen. “Our purpose is to come up with sustainable solutions for chemicals and plastics to improve the lives of people. We look at how you can sustainably source your raw materials to make sure that what we buy is sustainably sourced based on two pillars: one is compliance with our policies and regulations, and the second is towards excellence to make sure we have continuous improvement.”

“Our society uses plastics as the basis of many products,” “Having alternative solutions that lessen the carbon footprint, making things better for our society is groundbreaking.

Braskem is doing great work.”

J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business.

The company has well over 500 clients since 2010, including big brands such as Lego, Natura and Unilever.

They attribute their success to being one of the first companies to do this, being innovative with good people, and their response to market needs.

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