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Covestro New Collection of Bio-Based Ingredients, Baycusan Eco

At this week’s NYSCC Suppliers’ Day event in New York City, Cosmetics Design spoke with Jane Sum, Covestro’s head of cosmetics, about that company’s Baycusan line of biodegradable film formers, as well as about Covestro’s first ingredient in a new collection of bio-based ingredients called Baycusan Eco.

Consumers are more and more aware of, firstly, where does the ingredient come from? (the sourcing) and secondly, what is the environmental fate of the ingredient? explains Jane Sum, head of cosmetics at Covestro, a multinational polymer manufacturer headquartered in Germany.

We believe that the polymers, no matter if they’re solid or liquid, if you could have a solution, which is biodegradable, and not persistent in the water, then you have a positive contribution when formulating with these ingredients Sum tells Cosmetics Design editor Deanna Utroske in the above video interview, filmed at this week’s NYSCC Suppliers’s Day ingredient discovery show in New York City.

All our products in the Baycusan line for cosmetics, they are biodegradable and that is because of the chemistry, the structure of the products, explains Sum. Watch Cosmetics Design’s full video interview above to learn why biodegradable beauty ingredients are capturing the attention of both consumers and manufacturers, how Covestro tests and validates the biodegradability of its personal care polymers, the company’s newly launched Baycusan Eco ingredient for hair care (made with 60% renewable raw materials), and much more!

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