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NatureWorks is a Cool Company

Why is NatureWorks a Cool Company ?

NatureWorks is a cool company because it started the bioplastics adventure.  Some people at Cargill had this crazy idea to make plastics from corn instead of oil. Nobody believed them but they did it! They proved everyone wrong.

NatureWorks is a proper American Success Story and the proof that US is a leader in innovations.

The whole bioplastics industry is thanksful to NatureWorks. It would have never been the same without that great American company.

Impact Corona on Bioplastics

If you’re American and you want to support the Bioplastics industry…Go NatureWorks! Ask every retailer, shop or business in your neigbourhood if they’re using NatureWorks.

Ask your lawmakers if they’re doing anything in their reach to support NatureWorks and the bioplastics industry !!


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