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Attis: A Pursuit For A Sustainable Future

Attis is revolutionizing biomass processing for diverse applications that include bioplastics, consumer goods, adhesives, carbon fiber, renewable fuels, and green chemicals.

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  • Recently announced a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire production facility.
  • Institutions have not been successful in doing what Attis did- recovering and purifying Lignin for industrial usage.
  • Has the potential to deliver significant cost advantage while providing environmental friendly products.

Attis (ATIS) is revolutionizing biomass processing. The firm breaks down biomass into cellulose, hemicellulose, and most importantly, Lignin, a unique hydrocarbon that has the potential to replace fossil fuels and important application in diversified industrial production.

These components have important implications in bioplastics, consumer goods, adhesives, carbon fiber, renewable fuels, and green chemicals, among others. The firm currently runs a pilot program which allows industrial based producers to assess the potential of the ingredients of their products and the bi-products that come out in their production.

Among these components, the application of Lignin is significant because of its wide usage and value advantage in industrial production. The process of recovering Lignin is not new, but Attis’ purification process maximizes the recovery amount and the potential of the polymer. Attis expects to run full-scale operations within next 14-16 months. I had a conversation with Chairman and CEO of Attis Industries, Mr. Jeff Cosman and I have known valuable insights that I will share in this article.

“We have the top plastic manufacturers come to our research facility. They gave us the entire specification of the plastics and the petroleum based plastics and the requirements that they need. They also told us what they intend to build with those plastics. And we have managed to meet all the specifications and create petroleum-based plastic for our customers. And with further research we have managed to create cleaner plastic, petroleum based plastic.” Jeff Cosman, Chairman and CEO of Attis Industries



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