Asia Plastic Bans

Indian Government Bans Plastic Food Packaging

Chennai state government will soon extend the ban on plastic to packaged products like biscuits and other eatables manufactured by multinational companies, environment minister K C Karuppannan told the assembly on Friday.

Environment minister K C Karuppannan said

“In June last year, soon after the CM announced the ban on 16 types of plastics from January 1, we divided the state into 6 divisions. In each division, an IAS officer was put in charge to create awareness about the dangers of using plastic. We gave six months for traders and others using plastics to change their packaging material. There will be no loss of jobs due to the ban and we will not give any more time for not using plastic. Six months is enough and almost all shops and hotels have changed their packagings. The government order bans all forms of plastic packaging including by small retail outlets, grocery shops, whereas the same is permitted for MNCs and FMCG companies”

The ban is now limited to 16 types of plastic material. Soon messages would be sent to manufacturers of plastic used to package eatables as that is also against the environment.

K. C. Karuppannan is an Indian politician and a member of the 15th Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. He was elected from Bhavani constituency as a candidate of the AIADMK. Jayalalithaa appointed Karuppannan as Minister for Environment in May 2016. This was his first cabinet post in the Government of Tamil Nadu.