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UK Government Wants to Become Leader in Bioplastics

Government pledges £60m to boost development of bioplastic innovations

UK Government will invest £60m in projects aimed to

  • develop bioplastics made from industrial or post-consumer food waste; and
  • increase the use of recycled content in plastic packaging.

Following labels will also included in the plan:

  • “smart” packaging labels helping consumers and business sort packaging more efficiently;
  • “live” labels that tell shoppers how fresh their product are.

Monedy will be granted to winners of competitions. First competition starts early 2019 and money will be granted from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) £1.7bn Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

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Winning projects will also receive advise form UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) experts for best-practice and scale up.

Energy Minister Claire Perry said

“Finding innovative solutions to tackle our use of harmful plastics which blight our land and seas is a major global challenge and opportunity – one our nation of researchers and innovators is fit to seize. This will make us a beacon for design, manufacturing and exporting of sustainable plastics and environmentally-friendly replacements for polluting products as we move to a greener, cleaner economy – a key part of our modern Industrial Strategy.”



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