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The Legacy of MEP Frederique Ries

Frederique Ries has been MEP since 1999. Let's have a look at her legacy regarding plastics policies.

Frederique Ries has been MEP for the Belgian Liberal Party (MR) since 1999. Ries studied economic sciences and journalism at Belgian universities and went to become TV presenter on RTL TVI (Belgian TV) before entering politics.

Frederique Ries is probably one of the most beautiful and most intelligent woman in the European Parliament.

She was recruited by Louis Michel who was president of the Belgian political Party MR (ex PRL). Louis Michel was European Commissioner and is still a member of the European Parliament. He’s been involved in some shady deals in Africa. His son is the Prime Minister of Belgium.

Ries was enrolled as a celebrity within the MR and was sent to the environment committee of the European Parliament.

Although Ries is not a B-level politician; it was a common practice at that time that B-level or end-of-career politicians were sent to the European Parliament and environmental issues were seen as b-level issues.

Ries has been rapporteur to the Environment Committee of the European Parliament for a very long time….probably too long.

Let’s have a look at some of the facts that happened while Ries was rapporteur of the envi committee:


  • Did the European Parliament do a good job regarding plastics in the last ten years? 4 new garbage patches emerged in the oceans in the last 10 years.
  • It was not even the European Parliament who brought an end to the Chinese plastic waste scandal … it was the Chinese themselves who stopped importing the waste because they knew about the ecological disaster they had caused….
  • The day after the directive is voted, the scandals will emerge regarding Europe’s incapacity to deal with plastic intended for recycling.
  • What can we learn from Missis Ries? Do not always surround yourselves with people who agree on everything you say or think.