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First Biodegradable Crisps Packaging Made From Eucalyptus

The packets are made from cellulose and sustainably grown eucalyptus trees and are compostable in 26 weeks.

Two farmers, Sean Mason and Mark Green, founded the firm Two Farmers Crisps

Regular crisp packets include a plastic film which is not compostable. Potato snack giant Walkers (Pepsico) set the 2025 deadline for compostable packets.

The bags come in 40g or 150 gr with the flavours Hereford Hop Cheese and Onion, Salt and Cider Vineger, and Hereford Bullshot wit a hint of Hereford beef.

The founders wrote on Facebook

‘We are proud to be producing our new range of crisps in 100 per cent compostable packs, a first we think for the UK and a big step forward in dealing with our waste issues. Our bags will completely break down in a home composting environment in 26 weeks. We are really excited about this innovation and the feedback we have had is amazing.’

Walkers announced a new recycling scheme for empty crisp packets after Green campaigners urged people to send the bags back to manufacturer Walkers as a form of protest against the packets being non-recyclable. Walkers produces around 11 million packs of crisps per day.

biodegradable crisp packaging
Sean Mason (left) and Mark Green

biodegradable packaging for crisps and snacks


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