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NAFIGATE, the new generation of Cosmetics products based on the Hydal P3HB

PRESS RELEASE - Prague, October 10, 2018 – Cosmetics, which poses the circular revolution in the cosmetics industry, was introduced for the first time on Wednesday October 10th.

It is the world’s first cosmetics that is fully biodegradable, waste-free and does not burden the environment with microplastics and micro- pollutants. The companies NAFIGATE Corporation and NAFIGATE Cosmetics stand behind its development and production.

Hence, it is considered to be the first comprehensive approach to environmental protection from the side of cosmetics products manufacturers, which at the same time responds to the legislative constraints of the European Union. Within the framework of the Plastic Strategy the EU requires a complete ban on microplastics, which are intentionally added to cosmetics and other products, by 2030.

The new cosmetics received the name”Dedicated to You and Nature”. Despite the product meets the highest standards for the consumer, it does not contain any substance that would have a negatively impact on the environment or burden it in any way.

Soňa Jonášová, director of the Institute of Circular Economics said:

“We are getting into the hands a product whose basic idea is based on “closing the loop” production system that is not, compared to other products, the source of microplastics, one of the global challenges of the 21st century. Furthermore, the product’s development demonstrated the importance of the interdisciplinary cooperation, which is crucial for the launch of a sustainable business plan. Czech companies have proved again that the circular approach offers a whole range of new possibilities”

Thought, not realizing this, microplastics have become part of our everyday life. They appear in the air, soil and water. Recent research has demonstrated that plastic pollution is ubiquitous, and affects even drinking water. According to the Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Czech Academy of Sciences drinking water contains micro plastics. Up to 30% of these very small particles of plastics, i.e. microplastics, remain in the water where they cannot be removed from. The most common materials among the detected microplastics are polyethylenterephthalate (PET), polypropylene and polyethylene. Polyethylene is intentionally added to cosmetics, and heavily burdens surface and sewage water. For example, we find it in toothpastes, shower gels or peeling gels. Microplastics are added to cosmetics products with abrasive properties because they can remove dead skin cells and skin dirt.

The first product of the new brand, “Dedicated to You and Nature”, is Coconut Peeling Milk. Micro-plastic particles are replaced with natural P3HB, which was developed by the unique Czech biotechnology HYDAL. It is made by bacteria that have been a part of our ecosystems for millions of years. Bacteria can produce this biopolymer, but also recycle it in a way that if bacteria do not need biopolymer for themselves, it is served as feed for other microorganisms.

Hence, polymer of P3HB type is 100% biodegradable in nature. “The consumer rarely asks questions about the environmental impacts of cosmetics production. If the manufacturer wants to be truly responsible, he/she has to ask these questions. The LCA – Life Cycle Assessment provides the right answers to the manufacturer. This method is able to comprehensively assess the impact of production and technologies on the environment. In the case of HYDAL biotechnology, the results are very positive”; Lenka Mynářová, Member of board of NAFIGATE Corporation a.s., explained.

The LCA method clearly demonstrated the benefits of the P3HB (poly-3-R-hydroxybutyrate) polymers production for the environment. The polymer production using the HYDAL biotechnology, unlike raw sources polymers, saves natural resources, including oil, reduces CO 2 emissions contributing to global warming, ecotoxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity, acidification, eutrophication (the process of water nutrient enrichment, especially in terms of nitrogen and phosphorus, which harms the environment) and other negative effects on the environment.

Ondrej Mynář, NAFIGATE Cosmetics CEO said

“From our point of view, the new cosmetics “Dedicated to You and Nature” poses a turning point in the cosmetics industry. We believe that we will provide other cosmetics companies with an inspiration in terms of attitude towards the environment. Coconut Peeling Milk is our starting product, but we plan to introduce a whole range of P3HB based products during the next year”

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