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Bioplastics Makes it to the London Design Festival

During London Design Festival 2018, crafting plastics! studio presented 'Feel Free To Consume' ready-to-wear products and objects made from  Nuatan - a bioplastic material.

The new material Nuatan has emerged as a result of a long-term collaboration between crafting plastics! studio and material scientists from Slovak University of Technology.

The material is made out of 100% raw renewable resources, polymerised from corn starch and metabolised by microorganisms, and it is compostable.

Products and experiments created by the studio are the natural result of stretching the bioplastic material potential.

New aesthetics of sustainable plastic alternative is explored using high and low tech methods, from standard industrial technologies through laboratory to crafting approach.

Crafting plastics! studio is based in Berlin and Bratislava and was founded in 2016 by Vlasta Kubušová and Miroslav Kral.

bioplastic nuatan
bioplastic nuatan
miroslav kral and vlasta kubusova working in laboratory
miroslav kral and vlasta kubusova
nuatan bioplastic


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