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The BioMarine Convention

The Biomarine Convention Will Take Place from 2 to 4 October 2018 and will cover Bioplastics made from Marine Resources.

Here’s a short summary of the Biomarine Convention.


  • Mostly for CEOs
  • Maximum 300 delegates to allow proper networking


  • The Mexican Minister for the Seas
  • The Portuguese Minister for the Seas
  • The President of Portugal
  • International delegations: Canada and the Baltic Blue Bio alliance


20 countries will be represented: Canada, Chile, Estonia, France, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, USA, Mexico


7 private investment funds and corporate venture funds will be present as well as large corporations including Estée lauder, Cargill Beauty and Nestlé


  • Launch of a Bioplastic consortium
  • A Novel Foods matrix will be created
  • 2 innovation workshops to make recommendations to participating governments and European commission
  • Workshops on blue cosmetics, human nutrition, biomaterials and pharmaceuticals
  • 2 side workshops
    • One with Ciimar: blue and green, how can we innovate in green in the development of a blue economy?
    • One with Quebec’s Lower North Shore Community: How to build a social economical model around marine bio resources?


  • The President’s Welcome Reception at the Citadel
  • Reception at the Canadian Embassy
  • The Gala Dinner at the Palacio
  • The Closing cocktail organized by Docapesca
  • 2 Networking Lunches


  • 550 m2
  • 46 demos
  • 32 SMEs pitches
  • Interview of Jose Simao, DGPM
  • 6 thematic debates


  • The launch and use of a Mobile App


The magazine will be launched before the Convention and will include full coverage of the Portuguese blue economy. 500 copies will be distributed at BioMarine.


Welcome to Portugal, the country where blue growth rimes with circular economy.

After ten years of intense proselytism, we can finally announce that the biomarine economy has become a business reality. We have taught people to embrace new ways of thinking regarding the blue economy. We have repeatedly underlined the importance of trans-sectoral cooperation. We have helped our industry to think globally and to act locally. The next challenge facing our biomarine industry however is our ability to adopt a circular way of thinking when it comes to implementing blue growth.

Indeed, the way we produce, the way we consume, and the way we envisage the issue of recycling is critical for this blue circular growth. By using the resources made available in other industries, the waste of one product can essentially become the input of another product, thereby creating a new cash flow. This sounds and looks appealing, but is it feasible?

Portugal, the new biomarine country in Europe, has decided to also become the leading promoter of this blue circular growth. BioMarine 2018 will focus on demonstrating the utility and feasibility of achieving a ‘full circle’ of the blue industry value chain. Extracting the ingredients and marine compounds produced during each stage of the value chain can help to produce new nutraceuticals, cosmetic products, or biomaterials. Bioplastic is the new trend in our blue bio industry and we are now establishing the transformation of seaweed, algae, shells from crabs and shrimps, fish scales into blue gold. Seaweed and algae are definitively the next revolutionary ingredients from which we will extract the starch that will be used to produce specialty bioplastics.

We will be touching the heart of circular blue growth. This new economic model will bring more balance between the way we use natural compounds and the way we consume them. It will also create hundreds of millions of jobs around the globe if we manage to convince governments to embrace this new way of conducting blue business.

Time to act, time to engage. I look forward to welcoming you in Cascais, from October 2 to 4.

Best in Blue.

Pierre Erwes
BioMarine Chairman
Executive Chairman of Biomarine International Clusters Association

BioMarine Program