Bioplastics Chronicles PBAT

They found PBAT on the Moon

We've been reading a lot about PBAT recently; so we've listed the best quotes ... 

PBAT polybutylene adipate terephthalate

  1. You can eat and drink PBAT
  2. In Amsterdam, you can even smoke it or use it as a sunscreen
  3. PBAT runs 100 meters under 10 seconds
  4. PBAT speaks several languages but mostly German
  5. The Roman Gods gave PBAT to mankind
  6. PBAT was discovered in the box of Pandora
  7. PBAT is referred to as Chuck Norris in the periodic table
  8. PBAT can divide by zero
  9. PBAT came before the chicken and the egg
  10. PBAT can kill two stones with one bird
  11. You can feed a whole village with an ounce of PBAT
  12. The ten commandments were written on PBAT tablets … that’ why we can’t find them

We hope you enjoyed it! It’s the last Friday before September, so enjoy your weekend !

Do you have another quote on PBAT, please share with us.

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